Online Poker Tells: Reading Opponents through Screens

Poker is one of the best casino games famous among gamblers globally. This card game is a mixture of skill, strategy, and psychology. But learning all Poker rules is crucial in winning this game. It is also a social game that brings people together and creates competition. Now, this game is available at online poker sites and apps. 

You can conveniently play poker online from home. Also, players can create an account on an online poker platform and make deposits to start their journey. One of the essential strategies of poker is to read your opponents. In this article, we will tell you how to use online poker tells to increase your chances of winning:

Online Poker Tells

Reading your opponents is one of the essential poker rules you should follow to win. Players can read their opponents in traditional poker through their body language, facial expressions, and even the nervous twitch of a hand. These behavioral cues are the poker tells that you need to win in poker. Now, a new realm of online poker tells has emerged. 

You can use some digital cues to master the virtual poker world. Players can focus on digital signals and behavioral patterns to read their opponents through screens. Online poker tells are powerful as they indicate the actions of opponents. 

Types of Online Poker Tells

Below, we have mentioned different types of online Poker tells that you can use to identify your opponents’ actions:

  • Betting Patterns

You can focus on the speed at which your opponent makes their betting decisions. Quick bets indicate strength. Long pauses suggest weakness. Also, players are predictable who makes the same bet with different hands.

  • Chat Box

There is a feature of chatbox in online poker games. Many players use this feature strategically to deceive opponents. Watch for patterns in the language and timing of messages.

  • Bet Sizing

The amount a player bets can provide insights into their hand strength. For example, a small bet indicate a weak hand. A large bet signal confidence or a bluff.

  • Auto-Action Buttons

Many online poker platforms offer auto-action buttons for common decisions like folding, calling, or raising. Players who use these buttons repeatedly may reveal their level of experience.

  • Speed of Fold

A player who immediately folds when facing a bet might be on tilt or frustrated. Conversely, someone who takes their time to fold may be contemplating a call.

  • Psychological Tells

Some players use emojis to convey their emotions. A sudden increase in their use indicates emotional responses. Players on tilt exhibit signs of irrational aggression. Recognizing tilt in your opponents can be a valuable tell.

  • Database Analysis

Some players use poker database software to track their own play and that of their opponents. Advanced statistics can provide deep insights into opponents’ tendencies.


Reading opponents through screens is necessary to win in online poker. Focus on your opponents’ betting patterns and chat box behavior. These online poker tells provide a distinct advantage in the game. Poker is a complex game with many variables; tells are just one piece of the puzzle. 


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