Is Crypto Guest Post Totally Overrated?


Crypto guest posting may have been the easiest, no-effort way to make some quick money back in 2013. But today, when Google is cracking down on published content and people are getting smarter with their SEO game, it’s difficult to find a site that will take your article without you having to pitch them first.

1. Crypto Forums

Back then, posting anything crypto igaming -related on a forum could give you an instant 1x boost in traffic and a few more followers. Now it’s different. All the market has been flooded with cryptocurrency-related forums so there are no new “hot” ones to hit up; only old, recycled ones that have been around for years. The prime example is Bitcointalk. You might remember it as the forum where Satoshi Nakamoto announced Bitcoin to the world containing over 1 million users. These days, the community is too small to gain significant traction from moderation alone (moderators may ignore your subforum post).

2. BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns

Back then, it was easy to get started by simply participating in a signature campaign. If you had decent writing skills and a solid following, you could easily start making money out of thin air without having to lift a finger. Nowadays, it’s different because the same tactic is being used by every other person that wants to make a quick buck without putting in any real effort. It’s relatively easy to spot the “posers” and they don’t last long on any forum board so they constantly have to find new ones to follow the trend.

3. YouTube

Back then, it was easy to get a decent following on YT. Up until now, only people with huge audiences are able to make a big impact on the YouTube platform by writing their own content. So it’s not even worth it anymore. If you want to post a video on YouTube and make some money out of it, you will have to write about the topic and promote it using your personal network. Otherwise, all you will get is traffic (and maybe likes) from random YouTubers who just created a new account to get attention. Site detail is here.

4. ICO Marketing

Back then, you could promote your own ICO in a few simple steps. There was no need to make a website, build an app or create a whitepaper — all you had to do was create a press release and upload it to Bitcointalk. You might still be able to do that but the effort involved is way too high now and it’s not worth it at all. Nowadays, you will have to create a website, build an app and make a whitepaper that will talk about your project and the product/service you are going to sell. On top of that, you have to promote it on the most popular social media sites, forums and groups. It’s not easy to start out from zero with a complete ICO marketing strategy.

5. Work From Home

Back then, all you had to do was open a website and start making money by charging people for your feed. The only thing that changed was that now you have to research keywords and choose an audience depending on what your target is, who is looking for it, who cares about it and how much they are willing to spend on it (cost per click). These days, it’s not easy to find a beautiful website and an active audience. You also have to be able to work with both SEO and PPC and follow every update of Google updates about webmaster needs.

6. Blogging

Back then, you could easily become a Blogger by following the steps in this article: . There are a lot of talented writers out there so it’s not easy for anyone to break into the blogging market these days. News is trending in one direction as in seo (political), and the younger generations don’t want to read news in general.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Back then, you could become an affiliate marketer by simply buying an article or doing a giveaway and get some traffic, followers and commissions. But not anymore because you have to work on your blog strategy and promotion, find your ideal audience and find ways to convert them into customers (banners, email lists).

8. Press Releases

Back then, it was easy to write a press release that would generate traffic for the ones that liked it. It was also easy (and still is) to promote Cryptocurrency news through the press release.

9. Blogging, Writing and Marketing

All you had to do to write a blog post was create a new WordPress site and start writing about your favorite topic or make money blogging affiliate marketing. You can still do this but it’s not as easy as it used to be — you have to research keywords and choose an audience depending on what your target is, who is looking for it, who cares about it and how much they are willing to spend on it (cost per click). Not all blogs are created equal so you need to choose carefully.

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