5 Underrated Animated Movies That Deserved More Hype

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There’s nothing like watching a good animated movie with your family, friends, or even just by yourself. The best part about animated films is that they are usually family-friendly, which is why it is a great option to put on for kids as well. Unfortunately, while there are some classics that we all love like Frozen, Cinderella, etc., there are others that are quite good, but very underrated. 

For today’s article, we have decided to round up some of these gems that some of you might know of, but others might not. Whether you have watched them before or this is the first time you are hearing of them, we suggest you go and binge-watch them right away. And guess what? You can catch these movies on TV channels like Disney Channel. 

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Hercules is the story of the son of Zeus and Hera and how they lose their son, who becomes almost fully human. Honestly, this movie is just packed with captivating characters and has a great storyline. From an innocent and naïve protagonist to a snarky mentor and a sassy love interest, this is the animated show you absolutely need to watch! Oh, and let’s not forget the villain, who is a complete mood! 

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is an animated film that does not get as much hype as it deserves and the reason for that is that it was overshadowed by Frozen, which was released earlier. Big Hero 6 follows the story of Hiro Hamada, a tech genius, who stumbles across his late brother’s invention, Baymax, a healthcare robot. 

Hiro, after learning that his latest invention has been stolen and is being used wrongfully, decides to assemble a team and find the perpetrator. While it looks like the story is full of adventure, it is also one of the most endearing! 

A Bug’s Life

One of the greatest films to come out of Disney is this masterpiece. Unfortunately, it is also criminally underrated. The movie follows the story of a colony of ants and one of them in particular, Flik, is quite an adventurous out-of-the-box thinker. When he accidentally messes up and causes a big problem for the entire colony, they decide to send him away to amend the problem. 

However, Flik has other plans, and his actions once again cause a change for the entire ant colony and also, for some other insects. It might sound like a peculiar story and an even peculiar idea, but we promise you, it is worth the watch!


Tarzan is the story of a human baby that is raised by gorillas. Naturally, as he grows up and starts to make sense of the world around him, he learns very quickly that he does not fit in. One fateful day, he stumbles across a group of humans, and his life changes completely! For a movie this good, it is hard to see why this didn’t get as much love as it should have. Nonetheless, it is one movie that should be on your list!

Fox & The Hound

The movie follows the unlikely friendship between a fox and a hound. While both of them adore each other’s company, unfortunately, their owners do not like it one bit. The fox, Tod, forms a friendship with Copper, a hound puppy, whose owner hunts foxes as a sport. 

For those of you who have watched it, you might think about why this movie is on the list, considering that it is most definitely one of your favorites. However, surprisingly, this movie is highly underrated and it is worth a watch at least once!

Honorable Mentions

We are almost at the end, but we can’t say goodbye without dropping in a few honorable mentions! If you want some more options for what to watch, try watching these:

  • Treasure Planet
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Brother Bear
  • Emperor’s New Groove
  • Oliver & Company
  • The Iron Giant

The Final Note

While there are plenty more movies that could make it to this list, unfortunately, this is as far as we will go for this article. If you have watched any of the films mentioned in this list, undoubtedly, you will know how underrated these movies are. And if you haven’t, now is your chance to sit down and start watching! Grab a bucket of popcorn, maybe even some tissues (don’t say we didn’t warn you), and press play!

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