world record longest kiss

The world record for the longest (non-sexual) kiss is currently held by Elisabeth Kuebler-Sengstacke (USA), who can hold the record for eight hours and 40 minutes (a record that she currently holds with her husband) on July 13, 2013.

The reason Kuebler-Sengstacke is the current world record holder is that she is the only female in the world who can hold the record for the longest non-sexual kiss. As a result, Kuebler-Sengstacke has become the most famous person ever with her sexless kiss, but because she can’t hold her own record, she has also become what appears to be the only woman to have a romantic relationship with the world record holder.

She does seem to be the only woman in the history of the world who has had a romantic relationship with the world record holder, and its the only person in the history of the world who has ever made the history of the world the way its done.

The world record is actually held by the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. In fact, its a bit of a legend that people who kiss under the world record are actually, you know, kissing. I did some research on the record to find out if there were other people who have kissed under the world record kiss, and the only person who did was the most famous person ever, the boxer Muhammad Ali.

Ali was the world champion in the heavyweight division from 1976 to 1980. After the year in which he was crowned champ, he retired from boxing. The world record was originally held by the Japanese wrestler, Takuro Sakai. But in order to take the world record he had to use a long-distance kiss (and a lot of other stuff) to achieve it. So it’s kind of like a time loop.

The kiss was the longest ever by a man and the record is currently held by the boxer, Muhammad Ali. It’s not the longest ever kiss, but it’s still very long. It also involves a lot of kissing, which is probably why it was so long.

When I saw this, I immediately got the thought, “Oh god, how do I find out who broke the record?” Well, here’s the thing: if you want a long, slow kiss, its not hard to find someone who can do it. The reason this particular record was long is because its really, really long. That’s basically all you need to know. You don’t need to know anything else.

The kiss is a simple one that involves two people. The idea is that a kiss is a simple one in which two people kiss and then one of the two people is allowed to continue kissing for a certain period of time. However, there are some strict rules about when and how long a person can continue kissing. One rule is that the two people have to be touching, at any point in time, without actually touching each other.

Yes, this is a common, old-style kiss. The two people kissing, the kiss, can either be touching or not touching. So why should they want to get drunk or have sex? It’s about time to get involved with our society.

Like most people, I’m the type of person who gets a little wet at the end of a two-hour car ride. I don’t want to keep saying that though. People have been dying of thirst for over a year and a half in the desert of Nevada. They’ve drank water and sand to last them until they died. They’ve drunk it all out of bottles and cans.

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