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For the past few weeks, I have been reading the news and the headlines and the articles have been all about the new secretary general of the United Nations. He, too, is all about new, fresh, and exciting ways to look at the world. He is also all about how the rest of us should be participating in the process.

The problem is that the secretary general elections don’t really take place at the UN. He’s elected by the heads of the 193 member countries instead. So if we want to participate, we’d better look at that “we” part of it, because it’s not just us; anyone can go up against him.

The latest secretary general election is set for November 9th. It will be a direct race between Barack Obama and Kofi Annan. If you’re interested, you can find the video below.

I wonder if we’re getting a third term. The secretary general is the highest official in the UN and is appointed by the president, so in theory the president can just change the rules and make the election happen at the UN. In practice, the secretary general is usually an interim official who has to go on as the president’s representative for the next year or so.

I don’t really care for either candidate, but I have to say, Kofi Annan does seem to be the more liberal candidate. I’m not sure what I could have possibly done that would have made me more liberal, but I don’t see Kofi Annan going far against him. He’s a good diplomat and he seems to be a good guy, but I think he’s still going to get the most votes.

If you think the secretary general elections are important, you should probably check out the secretary general elections of 2013. You might not care for them, but you should probably vote for Kofi Annan, who is pretty progressive. He is a man of peace and he is also a very good diplomat. However, like I said, he is the most liberal nominee. I dont think he will get far with the liberals.

This election is important because it is the first time that the united nations (the international body representing the world’s countries) has ever voted on its own secretary-general. This is a big deal because it is the first time that the united nations has ever held an election of a member-state’s president. The next time the united nations holds an election of a member-state’s president, this means that the next secretary-general must be a woman.

The only reason for this is that the united nations has to create a new secretary-general by the end of the year. The last time the united nations held an election of a member-states president, the result was the presidency of Hugo Chavez. So this means that the next secretary-general will be a strong feminist, who is less likely to be a dictator.

Since the last united nations secretary-general was a woman, it would make sense for her to be a woman who is less likely to be a dictator. This puts the united nations at odds with the international women’s movement, which has traditionally been focused on fighting gender inequality in the workplace.

I don’t know if this is as much about the political system as it is about the gender issues, but it really seems to me that the international womens movement is very much a “safe space” to fight for gender equality. It’s one of those places where men have a hard time saying “hey, you can’t say that.” I think that any woman would agree that this is a good place to be.

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