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What’s the most common question people ask when they talk about u/a? I hear all of them: “What’s the meaning of ‘u’” or “What does u/a mean?” I thought about putting a short answer for the first one and a longer answer for the second one, but I decided to put them all together and see what the most common questions are.

The word u (or whatever word you use) literally means “to say.

The word u may also be used a lot when referring to a person and I would recommend that you use it in this context. To get a better understanding of u you can read this article.

ua is the word used to describe someone’s personality or a group of people with the same name, often used in a derogatory manner.

I think people are confusing u with the word u/as which is a pronoun used when referring to someone and is used often in derogatory manners (as in you are stupid). The u/as word is used to describe a person and the person is referred to as being u/as. In this case, the person is referred to as u, but this is just being a bit poetic.

There actually is a u/a meaning in the sense of a human being. But I think this is a bit of an over interpretation of the word. In this sense, it’s used as a noun. To use a u/a or a u/u as a verb, you would use u/u, u/e, u/a, u/o, or u/a.

A more accurate way to describe this is that a ua is someone who is an idiot. This is why it is called an ua, or a stupid person.

This usage of a ua seems to be coming from the fact that an ua is a person who has a bad day. This is because the adjective ua means that the person is a fool. But that is the case with most people. The fact is that most people are not uas.

A ua is usually a person who is just plain stupid. An ua might be the only person on earth who is a ua, but there might be other uas. But it is a person who is an idiot, so he’s not a ua.

In the context of this article, an idiot is just a stupid person.

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