taimur birthday date

This is a song that I have been singing to myself on my commute to and from work. It is a good way to start the day. I like to say it when I get to work, “I got a taimur date. You are invited”.

It’s a song about a taimur, and it’s basically just some sort of dance song. If you have a taimur birthday, you’re allowed to be as silly as you want. The only thing you must do is be polite and not attempt to dance during the song.

A taimur birthday is when a person gets a birth date that coincides with a popular song. I was born on April 12, 1975, but I don’t like to use that specific number. I prefer to call myself a taimur. I had a taimur birthday last year (March 27, 2008) and a taimur birthday in 2011 (April 12, 2011). On both occasions the number came up first.

A taimur birthday is a special occasion when a birthday becomes important to a person, but it does not have to be a birthday for a person who has a taimur birthday. A day that is important to a person but is not on the taimur birthday is called a non-taimur birthday.

A taimur birthday is a special day on which a person has a birthday, which is usually considered to be one of the most important of the year. For example, a taimur birthday is on the first day of the year. A taimur birthday is a day that is deemed to be special by the general public because it is considered to be important for their birthday. For example, a taimur birthday is a day when a person has a birthday during the year.

For the most part taimur birthday dates come from years in which the number of taimurs was fairly small, since it was not a large and popular holiday. But some years have had taimur birthday dates that seem more special than others. For example, taimur birthday dates in the past have been celebrated in places such as the city of Taimur in Minsk, Belarus.

When you look at a birthday taimur date and realize that it’s the same year as the one in question, you immediately think of what it is that people have loved about them, which is taimur birthday. You do not have to imagine that people are looking at you with their eyes. It’s just that you have a pretty good time doing it.

taimur birthday dates are a very interesting topic, because people seem to enjoy them because of the fact that the time they were born, the place they lived, the people they knew, were all special.

In fact, taimur birthday date is like the theme for your birthday. It’s pretty much all about the people you knew, and the time you were born. For instance, if you were born in 1995 and your birthday is in 1991, that means that you were born in the year 1995. You only have three choices of what you can do for your birthday, so you have to make a good choice.

The reason we want to talk about it is that it’s a good way to think about yourself, and so it’s a good way to get into the subject. It’s also a great way to talk about how you’re different from others.

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