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This is a picture of chokers. Chokers are a style of jewelry that utilizes a small cluster of stones. This style of jewelry is worn on the ear, and is typically done in gold or silver.

Chokers are a style of necklaces that is commonly worn on the neck and shoulder. A choker is basically a cluster of small stones that are worn on the ear, and are typically done in silver or gold.

You know what you can do with a choker, but you can’t do much with it unless it’s an earring. Earrings are a type of necklace that is worn on the ear. They are made of precious metals, and can be as simple as a single gold or silver bead. Most earrings are made of sterling silver.

As you can see, chokers are pretty simple. You can wear your choker on your ear, or on the back of your neck. They are also made of precious metals, so jewelry is a nice way to make a statement. They are also pretty expensive, so you can expect to get a lot of use out of your choker.

Chokers have a long history of being worn by celebrities (and usually used by them in the bedroom). In fact, women were the first people to wear chokers. The first choker was worn by Anne of Bohemia, which was around 1390 A.D. According to legend, her necklace was stolen by a jealous husband and was lost until it was found by a monk.

The choker is a pretty classic part of a woman’s dress, but it isn’t something that we only see in western culture. It has been worn by royalty, including King Arthur himself (who wore one in his tomb), and by ancient Egyptian queens and princesses. And we’re not the only people who wear them. In the 1520s English women were beginning to wear chokers, so they weren’t just wearing jewelry for their vanity.

The choker was in fact worn by royalty throughout history. In fact, they were made for royal women, not just for the women who could afford to buy them. The best-known example of a woman wearing one is the young Queen Elizabeth Tudor, who had a huge amount of jewelry so that she could wear the choker as her necklace. It could also be worn by a woman with a lower social status.

Ladies wearing a choker can be a very powerful symbol in their own right. Though it is most often worn by royalty, it can be worn by the middle classes as well as nobility. While it is primarily a symbol of femininity, it can also be a symbol of respect and power.

It is also a very effective symbol of femininity as well as a way to show a woman’s high status. It doesn’t matter what her social status is, the choker gives a woman a solid image of her masculinity. Of course, the choker is also worn to be a sign of love, and a sign of respect. Most women don’t even know that they’re wearing one.

As a woman you can wear them simply because you dont have a lot of money to spend on something that good. If you really want to show off, you can get your friends to help you. There’s even some information on how to work out the best way to wear the choker.

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