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This is the tamil to me, and I get to share it with you. The tamil is an indigenous people of India. They live in the forests of the south of the country. The tamils are also known as the “Hindu Tamils” because they have an interesting culture that includes a lot of spirituality and a very strong sense of community. The culture of the tamils is very rural and is centered around the forest.

One of the things that I miss about the tamil is the way the government treats them. It’s almost as if they’re too busy getting paid to care about the way their culture might be wronged. I’ve seen tamils on TV and they’re often treated as if they are “different” from the rest of the population.

It appears that the tamils are indeed a very poor people, but they do have a very strong sense of country and pride. They have very strong beliefs in the way the tamil culture is wronged, and the way the local government is treating them. As a result, the tamils are willing to fight for what they believe is right.

One of our main concerns with tamil culture is that it’s often treated as if it’s totally different from other cultures. However, tamil culture is very much in line with what we’re taught in school. In tamil culture, everyone has a mother, a father, and a family. The family is the whole group, and the mother is a person who looks after and cares for the people in her family.

So if you don’t have a mother or father or a family, how do you expect to run a family? Tamils get everything they need from their education, social support, and spiritual support from their family. A mom who doesn’t exist is a mom who doesn’t care about them. A dad who doesn’t exist is a dad who doesn’t care about them.

The malayalam language has two mother-tongues: tamil and malayalam. So tamil is a language with a mother-tongue, and malayalam is a language with a mother-tongue. But malayalam is not the mother-tongue of tamil, it is the mother tongue of the speakers of tamil (it is also the mother tongue of the speakers of malayalam).

When a Tamil person or a Malayalam person is separated from their mother-tongue, it is called ‘tamil’ and when they get separated from their mother-tongue it is called’malayalam’ they are considered to be’separated’ from their mother-tongue.

So how do we get back to our mother-tongue in the language of our mother-tongue? Well, first off, we need to get back to the mother-tongue of our mother-tongue. This is not as easy as in English where you can just go to someone’s mother-tongue and they will be able to see their mother-tongue, but it works the same way in tamil and malayalam.

All of these three questions are a bit complicated, but in these three questions, the answer is clear.

So why do we need to get back to tamil? Well, it’s really because our mother-tongue is called tamil. So let’s start by looking at things from our mother-tongue. Tamils are a people who are a part of India. Their mother-tongue (a very similar language) is called tamil. So what does tamil mean? It means “my mother tongue”.

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