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The 2018 karthika masam dates will happen this weekend in the form of a fun-filled evening in the city of Chicago. This will be the first year they’re doing the whole masam event, so there will be a ton of options in terms of outfits, food, drinks, and entertainment.

The masam events are a great way to get to know different people and spend time with them. In this case its the masam dates that will be happening. For one of the masams there will be a costume contest, which is a cool way to get to know the masam better. The masam is at the St. Charles Theater, from 12pm-8pm on Saturday, August 24th. The tickets are selling fast, so get yours early.

You can buy tickets in advance online at, or by calling (618) 244-7100. There is also an application that you can download on your phone to register.

My karthika masam is one of the ones coming up in August, so I’m looking forward to it. The best part about it though is that I’m a karthika masam fan, and I’m going to be there.

So if you’re a masam (or even your mom) or a fan of masams, come out and support one of our favorite local films. In the past, I have attended the masam on the St. Charles Theatre, and it was always fun. I hope you’ll come out and support us too.

The event is free and open to the public. Come out and enjoy the masam, share a few jokes, and maybe even pose for a picture with one of the many masams playing. You can also bring your friends if you want.

You can also catch the masam at the St. Charles Theatre, and if you like it (and I do), you can add it to your itinerary.

If you don’t already know about the masam, I recommend you check it out. I think it’s one of the most fun films to see on the West Coast. I am always amazed at the creativity and energy of the community that comes together to support this film.

The Masam is a local theatrical group that plays with dance and live music. Like many of the other masams, this one is very much a part of the community. They play in the St. Charles Theatre, and they put on regular masams.

In addition to the regular masams, they have several other events that are open to the public, like the masam in the St. Charles Theatre, the masam in the Rose Festival Theatre, the masam in the St. Charles Theatre, and the masam in the Rose Festival Theatre at the same time.

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