k ponmudi

There’s a term in Thai that is known as K Ponmudi, which roughly translates to “I am the king of my mind.” In other words, it’s the ability to be aware of your thinking and to control it. When you are aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can more easily steer clear of them.

It’s also the word that I got from my friend and fellow blogger, konnubati.

konnubati has been the new way of building my home, and I am looking forward to the new home with more room for the house.

I am excited to be building my house with Konnubati’s new idea of ‘k ponmudi’. I think it is so cool that it is both a Thai word and a form of building. I think its a good way to get people to open up to the concept of self-awareness, to build a home with their own ideas, and to give them a sense of control.

I am excited to create a home of my own with Konnubatis new idea of k ponmudi and will definitely be trying it out for myself. But I’m also excited to share this with you all as the world begins to understand this new way of building with Konnubatis new form of home.

There are two forms of Konnubatis new home: the Konnubati and the Konnubati. The Konnubati is a new method of building that allows people to build with their own ideas, and control the process. The Konnubati involves putting a lot of money into a single project, then buying the materials to make it happen. The Konnubati is a great way to get ideas and take control of a project.

The Konnubati is a great new way to get ideas. Konnubatis home is made of concrete, the same material that they use in the factories that make all of their other products. Konnubatis home is also a lot more affordable than other methods, because the cost of materials (and the cost of labor) is all but eliminated. It’s the perfect way to get ideas.

How exactly does the Konnubati work? Because they’ve got so much money, the Konnubati has to be purchased. The Konnubati can be made much smaller than the typical kitchen sink because it’s easier to put together and have the same dimensions. (Because the Konnubati is made of concrete, the more it has to be made, the better.

Because its made of concrete, this little home has a nice, tight build. All of the little knobs and things are well positioned so that the Konnubati will fit into a space that no other home in the world can. It’s got a nice, tight, squared-off construction that puts an emphasis on the practical as well as the aesthetic.

K-Ponmudi is a new game. It’s a stealth game.

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