Yes, it is a joke to call a girl chinki. No, I won’t say it is anything else. What is chinki anyway? It’s a girl who wears a chinki. I like the way it sounds.

I know chinki is a slang term for a girl with a chibi body. But I’m going to use it in this article because of the weird meaning it has in the context of a certain anime series. A chibi is a girl who has the body of a man or is a combination of man and chibi. The term is used with the meaning of “dressed like a man” or “being similar to a man.

Chibi is generally defined as a girl who is chibi in appearance and dress. One of the most well known examples of this is that of Ruri Yagami, the chibi singer who sang “Love Me Like You Do”. This is because she was a man, but she also was a chibi, and the chibi part was a disguise.

The term chibi came into use in the early 2000s for a type of person who was often female and had the appearance and personality of a male, but was a chibi. This was especially true of female characters who had the appearance and personality of a chibi. There are several variations on the chibi/chibi theme. The term chibi is used to describe someone who has the appearance of a chibi and is chibi in dress.

The chibi in this article is the Japanese version of the Chibi-chan. The Japanese language uses the same term chibi for a chibi-chan and a chibi-chan. Chibi (or chibi chan) are feminine characters who have the appearance of men and are usually referred to as chibi- or chibi-chan. Chibi-chan is one of many characters that use the same chibi/chibi-chan as their name.

Chibi is a form of diminutive and can include a diminutive suffix. It is a diminutive form of chibi. It is used in the sense of a person that is a little chibi or a chibi-like person. Another common meaning is a small version of something. Another common way of describing the chibi is as a small Japanese character that resembles a person.

The word chibi is the diminutive form of chibi-chan, which means small chibi. The other meaning of chibi is small, little, or smallish.

The word chibi, chibi-chan, diminutive, and small is a very common word. There are many different meanings for chibi-chan, but they are all used in the sense of being a small Japanese person or a smallish person. The diminutive meaning applies to the chibi-chan as well. The diminutive suffix is also used in the sense of a small person, smallish person, small chibi, tiny chibi, or chibi-chan.

The diminutive suffix is used to denote a smaller-sized person. The diminutive suffix is also used in the sense of small, little, or smallish.

We would almost certainly expect a small chibi to have a very small personality. The lack of a small person is a big problem because many of us are so tiny that we don’t even have a picture of the tiny person.

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