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The Chennai airport was one of the busiest airports in India. Now it will be shut down for a couple of months due to a lack of funds.

Chennai-based airline Air Deccan was the first Indian airport to be hit by the new austerity measures. The Chennai airport is a low-cost hub for airlines from the Middle East and the US. In the next couple of months it will be closed, with employees being sent home and a number of carriers cutting routes to that city.

If the airport shuts down, a lot of airlines will have to decide whether or not to fly to Chennai, India’s commercial capital. It’s not going to be easy. In 2011, Chennai airport carried 120 million passengers. Last year it was carrying just over 14 million. On top of that, the airport’s runway is only about sevenm long, so it’s hard to imagine how it can handle a bigger number of passengers.

The airport is Chennai’s busiest airport, with more than 400 flights a day. In 2011 it handled more than 2,600 flights.

With so many airports closed, there are no more flights for the next few months. In November 2012, Chennai airport was shut down for two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s also a bit of a shame for the city government that had to cancel the airport in February to keep it open. However, the city’s top officials are in support of the airport and the airport is being held in the same state as Chennai.

In spite of the shutdown of the airport, the city has plans to open it up again, in the summer of 2013. Chennai airport is being converted to a museum, and its the start of a new chapter for the city.

Chennai airport is the second airport in the country to come out of lockdown. The Kolkata airport was partially shut down due to the coronavirus, and there is a plan to reopen it later in the year. Kolkata airport was one of the first in the country to be closed because of the outbreak, and the airport was also one of the first to be closed because of the outbreak. In spite of all these unfortunate events, the city is committed to reopen the airport.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch to say the city is closed, but I can’t help but think of the “cities” across the country that are doing it. Their population is growing at a fast rate, and they are trying to make a deal. I don’t know if this will help them.

There are a lot more questions than answers about the virus, but the city is doing what it can to reopen the airport. The city has closed the airport so that it can do its best to contain the virus and prevent a disaster. It’s not clear if the city will be able to reopen the airport before the end of the outbreak, but the city is taking it slow.

And if the city can’t open the airport before the end of the outbreak, then the city will be stuck with a couple of large airports in the middle of a crowded state. And if this city of china can’t reopen its airport before the end of the outbreak, then china will be stuck with a bunch of big airports in the middle of a crowded state.

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