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In the last two years I have had many opportunities to travel, and I have yet to find one that was as memorable as visiting these beautiful islands. The islands of Bali are the best. I have always loved them, so every time I visit they always seem to spark my interest.

The island of Bali is the first place I came across that seemed to have so much promise. I was in college and my first semester was spent there. Every day we would go to the temple where there was a special ceremony in which the temple’s guardian (the goddess of the island) would have a child with her. We would then watch as the kid would grow up and go back to the temple for a celebration.

The temple of Bali is the biggest one that I have seen on the island, which is probably only to be expected as it’s the one place the locals never go to. Most of its rituals are not very important and the temple also has a lot of other activities going on that are not very interesting and are only for tourists. I don’t have a great deal of experience with Bali and there is so much more I could have done with it.

I was in Bali in 2009 when it was the hottest place on earth. I was there for a few days, but I only spent two days there and I feel like I have not seen Bali since then. There are so many places to see and do in Bali that it is overwhelming and I think it has a lot of potential as a destination to go to if there is a large enough influx of tourists.

I have been to Bali many times (and have spent quite a bit of time in the area) but Bali is just far too vast and there is so much to see and do. The idea of it being a tourist destination was a good bit of hype, but the reality is that it is a very touristy place and the real touristy thing is everything else.

I had some serious hopes going into the movie about Bali. I was told it was the most beautiful place in the world and it was a place people actually went to see the real deal. So when I heard Bali was a place to go for tourists and for its natural beauty and the “real deal” of it all, I was extremely excited.

For the past few years I have been hearing a lot of hype for Bali. I love Bali for so many reasons. I love the food, the people, the landscapes, the architecture, the way the weather is supposed to be, and the way the people talk and act. I know I have said it before, but I love Bali. And I love the fact that I will be spending a few weeks in Bali with friends in the next few months.

I’ve seen a few of you make a mistake. Just last night when I was on Facebook and saw your profile, it was a mistake. Or maybe you were just a mistake. Anyway, I can’t wait to see your profile when I get back.

It’s kind of weird, because I didn’t even know you were posting on Facebook. I usually don’t post on Facebook, probably because I know it’s too easy to have my profile hijacked. I think this is a first for me, but I’m glad I know you.

And to prove my point, I am going to be in Bali in a couple of weeks. I cant wait to see what you guys have been doing in the meantime. I would probably take a nap on my own if I could.

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