aziz ali

As a kid, I loved making up my own rules when I was younger. I was a little bit rebellious one day, but a few years later I have been kind of obsessed with getting my hands dirty. I’ve also learned the rules from my parent, so I think that’s been a great thing in my life for a long time.

Aziz Ali is a kid from my family. Her mom said when she was a kid she always made up her own rules. This has been a constant in my life ever since my parents divorced. She has a lot of rules for her kids. Even though they aren’t really rules I think they are good. I think they are a little bit like a personal set of guidelines. I think that they make it fun for them to follow.

A lot of parents keep their kids away from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Why? Because drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes can kill people. Drugs kill people within twenty-four hours, alcohol kills people within five days, and cigarettes kill people within two days. All of these things can be cured without treatment, but they are not fun to deal with if youve got a lot of things going on.

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