15 Undeniable Reasons to Love 2013 muzaffarnagar riots: A Simple Definition

2013 muzaffarnagar riots: A Simple Definition

This happened a couple of days after a large crowd of people gathered at the muzaffarnagar train station in Maharashtra, India. The crowd was protesting against the arrest and detention of two members of the student group that had gathered to demand the release of five people. The protests were sparked by a video that showed how the students were being beaten, tortured, and detained. The media reported the protests as riots, but the local police responded by arresting the students.

In India, riots are not considered a legal offense. However, the police response was justifiable because of the public outcry. The protesters were peacefully protesting; the police were responding violently against them. Many in India believed that the protests should have been allowed to go on, and so they took to the streets.

In India the riots were actually a peaceful protest. Rioting isn’t illegal, rioting is a legitimate response to the police brutality, especially when the police are brutalizing innocent people. In India, the police response was necessary because the protests were taking place in a peaceful manner. The protests weren’t illegal, they were a legitimate response to the police brutality.

The rioting was in response to the police brutality; the rioting was violent and illegal.

The riots were violent. I think that most of us would agree. The police in India are just plain bad enough that they would use brute force if need be. The only real difference between the riots and riots in India is that the riots weren’t illegal, and the riots in India were.

The 2013 riots were the worst thing that happened to the country in years. The protests were peaceful, but the riots were violent and illegal. The rioters are mostly people who felt unsafe in India for whatever reason. A few were from the middle class who felt unsafe because of some perceived injustice they saw in India. The police used excessive force against the protesters and the riots were violent and illegal. This is a very serious problem in India.

I don’t think that even the rioters agree on what happened. The rioters claim that the police are racist (or at least they claim that the police are corrupt and there is a conspiracy behind the riots) and are just doing their jobs. The police claim that the rioters were all drunk or drugged and they didn’t know what they were doing.

According to the Indian Express (see below) when the police arrived in the evening they were attacked by rioters. The police claimed that they had no idea what was happening and the rioters had the police outnumbered. The rioters claimed that the police were not prepared and that they were going to slaughter the police. The Indian Express reported that the cops did not try to stop the rioters. They said that the rioters were acting on their own and had no orders from the police.

This was one of the few incidents in the last year that I didn’t see in newspapers. The riots in muzaffarnagar (see below) happened mostly on the night of 23rd March. It was the third day of the ongoing riots in the city. The police were on alert and the city was on lockdown, with thousands of people inside the local railway station.

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